CHRISTIAN (Franz Rogowski) loses his job on a construction site after an uncontrolled emotional outburst and starts working at a wholesale store. BRUNO (Peter Kurth), from the drinks department, takes the taciturn young man under his wing and becomes a fatherly friend. MARION (Sandra Hüller), who works in the sweets department in the next aisle, likes Christian a lot and the coffee machine becomes their meeting place – except Marion is married. Then there’s ‘forklift’ KLAUS, the only person allowed to operate the big electric forklift, RUDI, the night-shift boss, ‘TV’ JÜRGEN from the non-food department, WOLFGANG from canned food and IRINA from the pasta department. All of whom meet every day in the aisles – and do far more than just their work.


Clemens Meyer, Thomas Stuber


Thomas Stuber


German Film Award (Lola) for Franz Rogowski for best actor, Ecumenical Film Award at Berlinale, Gilde Film Award at Berlinale, German Screenplay Award