On the occasion of Sophie Scholl’s 100th birthday (May 9, 2021), the Instagram project @ichbinsophiescholl brings the resistance fighter out of the history books into the here and now. Using the profile @ichbinsophiescholl, Sophie Scholl (Luna Wedler) lets her followers experience the last ten months of her life in recreated real time and in an emotional and radically subjective way. Growing up in the middle of the war – between her first great love and the constraints of dictatorship – Sophie Scholl shares her everyday life as a student in Munich with her followers and takes them with her into active resistance against the war and totalitarianism.

The channel @ichbinsophiescholl was launched on May 4, the day Sophie takes the train to Munich to study. From then on, she posts throughout the year until she is arrested in February 1943.


Ira Wedel, Rebecca Martin


Tom Lass

Social Media Editorial Manager

Suli Kurban

Cast & Crew