HELLO AGAIN – A Wedding a Day

Friendship is gold, relationship is brass. ZAZIE (Alicia von Rittberg) shares an apartment with her two best friends. None of them seem capable of a relationship. And since the nights are long and life is short, it’s really better to avoid love completely. But the invitation to attend the marriage of her best friend PHILIPP (Tim Oliver Schultz) to her arch-rival FRANZISKA (Emilia Schüle) not only causes the apartment mailbox to overflow, but sends Zazie’s emotions into overdrive: she must prevent her friend from making the biggest mistake of his life! However, her attempts to sabotage the wedding, with the help of roommate ANTON (Edin Hasanovic), fail miserably, and repeatedly! A love story of a rather different sort traps Zazie into a never-ending wedding waltz, completely upending more than just her attitude to love.


Maggie Peren