In their fifth assignment in Barcelona, Clemens Schick and Anne Schäfer as the Catalan investigator duo have to stop a psychopathic kidnapper and child murderer. In “Der längste Tag”, the interrogation of the main suspect – played with oppressive intensity by Bernhard Schütz – develops into a nerve-wracking psychological duel in which Inspector Bonet follows only his intuition and defies the limits of what is permissible.


Radiant beauty and abysmal crimes – Barcelona is not only one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, but also a huge trading and transshipment centre for drugs. In “Der Riss in allem”, Anne Schäfer and Clemens Schick have to solve the murder of a young colleague as an investigative duo. Their investigations lead them into a corrupt network of hidden networks and dirty business connections.


Katharina Eyssen, Remy Eyssen


Carolina Hellsgård

CAST & CREW "Der längste Tag"

CAST & CREW "Der Riss in allem"